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Sweet Chili Sauce is made according to a Thai recipe, there mostly used for dipping fried or grilled chicken and deep fried foods. The taste is mildly spicy and sweet. It's pinkish-red color and confetti-like specks of chili flakes make it a visually appealing condiment. It adds zip to grilled meats and vegetables as well as fried foods like tempurah, fish cakes, squid, vegetables and spring rolls. Like ketchup, sweet chili sauce has inspired numerous uses. Don't let convention bind you, be adventurous and explore the tasty delights of what sweet chili sauce has to offer. Try using sweet Thai chili sauce in your next meatloaf instead of whatever tomato-based stuff you normally use.


There are many variations in recipe to reduce the cost price: sugar replacing ingredients, less chilli peppers but as replacement paprika, onions, and other vegetable pieces and/or powders.

Our sweet chili sauce is made of cane sugar, pickled chilis (10%), vinegar, and to give it a body: a littlebit tapioca starch and xantan gum.

In order to keep the product good also after opening, a littlebit preservative.

However, after opening, please store in a fridge.



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