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Lait de Coco


 Recipe ideas to use lychees  in :


lychee ice cream

lychee & lime sorbet

spinage & lychee salad

Lychee Scallops in Champagne-Butter Sauce

Lychees & Fried Rice ( Koa Pad Lin Gee )

Lychee muffins

Lobster Scented with Mace, Fresh Lychees and Chinese Celery in an Ice Wine Verjus Dressing

several fruits incl lychee cheese cake tropical way

lychee mango suchi with coconut milk

lychee coconut rice pudding

coconut pudding with lychee and mango

lychee scalop

sweet & sour lychee meatballs

gula melaka with lychee

lychee coconut cupcake

lychee sangria

Lychee Lassi

Lychee Panna cotta

with Raspberry Jelly

Passionfruit, lychee and

coconut bche de Nol


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