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 Kecap manis:

(Indonesian style sweet soya sauce or as known in   Netherlands: ketjap manis

A thick sweet and salty soy sauce that originated in Java, Indonesia. It has syrupy consistency and a pronounced sweet, treacle-like flavor due to the generous addition of palm sugar. It's used as a flavoring and condiment.

The Indonesian Kecap Manis was brought back by Dutch colonists and other Indo originated persons into Netherlands, and there modified and produced  from acid-hydrolyzed soy protein instead of brewed with a traditional culture. This process may take only three days compared with the natural of 6-18 months.

Of course hydrolysis ia s much cheaper production process. It gives a different flavor, aroma, and texture when compared to brewed soy sauces. Also it gives a onger shelf-life.

Only when not good under control, contaminations like 3-MCPD might be a side effect.

For more pictures to generate ideas where-and-how-to-use +  links to recipe websites : recipe ideas for kecap manis / ketjap manis

Indonesian soy sauce

In Indonesia, soy sauce is known as kecap (also ketjap or kicap), which is a catch-all term for fermented sauces, and cognate to the English word "ketchup".Four main varieties of Indonesian kecap exist:

Kecap asin 
Salty soy sauce, which is very similar to Chinese light soy sauce, but usually somewhat thicker and has a stronger flavor; it can be replaced by light Chinese soy sauce in recipes.
Kecap manis 
Sweet soy sauce, which has a thick, almost syrupy consistency and a pronounced sweet, treacle-like flavor due to generous addition of palm sugar. In cooking, it may be replaced by molasses with a little vegetable stock stirred in.
Kecap manis sedang 
Medium sweet soy sauce, which has a less thick consistency and a more saline taste than Manis.
Kecap inggris 
("English fermented sauce"), or saus inggris ("English sauce") is the Indonesian name for Worcestershire sauce.

Malaysian soy sauce

Malays from Malaysia, using the Malay dialect similar to Indonesian, use the word kicap for soy sauce. Kicap is traditionally of two types: kicap lemak (lit "fat/rich soy sauce") and kicap cair. Kicap lemak is similar to Indonesian kecap manis but with very much less sugar while kicap cair is the Malaysian equivalent of kecap asin.